6 Apartments Balga

Project + Services

New 2 storey multi-residential development in Balga
Schematic design + DA documentation

Brief + Proposal

CADDS Architectural is a proud provider of design and documentation services to a prominent Perth property investment consultant for multi-residential projects. They source the land with initial feasibility studies, and we provide schematic designs up to DA for multiple dwelling developments.

The 6 Apartments in Balga was one such project, where we provided a schematic design for the 730m2 R40 block, and documentation up to a DA submission level.

We worked closely with both the investment company and their end client, to develop the best design outcome for both financial returns and saleability, as well as aesthetics and liveability. The result was 6 single storey 2x2 apartments 100% compliant to the R-Codes, with large living and outdoor entertaining areas, and a clean street elevation which complimented its semi-urban environment perfectly.