6 Apartments Belmont

Project + Services

New 2 storey multi-residential development in Belmont
Schematic design + DA documentation

Brief + Proposal

The 6 Apartments in Belmont project was another schematic design and DA documentation project we worked on with our property investment consultant client. The aim was to explore the idea that low cost apartment living can be well designed, with internal spaces that reflect a suburban home, and external forms and textures that can engage the streetscape.

The form of the solid monolithic ground floor base links the lightweight white and timber box of the first floor with the site, and the green roof aesthetically echoes as a repeat of the ground floor landscaping. The floor to ceiling timber screens shade the outdoor living spaces of the first floor apartments, as well as offer privacy and increased air ventilation to the internal and external spaces. They are an inexpensive and ecologically sustainable second skin which creates shade, provides privacy, texture, and articulation of both internal and external elevations.

The project won the 2015 Building Designers Australia WA Award for Conceptual Design.