9 Accessible Units | Waikiki

Project + Services

New single storey multi residential development in Waikiki
Full design + documentation services

Brief + Proposal

After the success of working with Access Housing documenting the 16 Apartments in Coolbellup, we were engaged for full design services by them for a new 9 x grouped dwellings project on a 2450m2 site in Waikiki.

The brief was to design a showcase for accessible and adaptable housing, with 4 of the dwellings to be universally accessible to AS1428.1, and the remaining 5 dwellings to meet gold or platinum standards of the Liveable Housing Australia Standards. The budget was also very tight, requiring affordability for both capital building and running costs.

We designed a contemporary form appropriate to its suburban surroundings, achieving cost efficiency through material selection and simple construction methods. The project is going into construction in late 2016.