Ascot Renovation Case Study

Project + Services

Street front renovations + additions to existing home
Design, DA documentation + IFC documentation

Brief + Proposal

This project is a street works renovation of an aging brick and tile home in Ascot. The brief was to dramatically alter both the appearance of the house, as well as how people would experience the front garden, and increase car parking without detracting from the streetscape.

As well as giving the front elevation a complete facelift, the design activates the large 25m setback of garden. There is a detached double carport of the same warm timber and clean render aesthetic as the house, a grand driveway, a pedestrian ringed entry circling a modern statue, and timber lined portico entrance to the house, all sitting within the beautifully custom-designed recycled steel gates. Each texture and tone, from the warm timber cladding, open cut stone, and recycled steel to the clean white render has been carefully selected to tie all the design components together and enhance the outdoor space holistically.